Mixtape Review: Young Thug “JEFFERY”

What the hell am I doing?

I mean really.

It’s Young Thug. How could the the rapper the constantly sounds like he has a mouth full of cotton produce anything worth reviewing? Well, recently he released a new mixtape and it is the only recent release that is comparable to Frank Ocean’s Blonde in popularity. So I thought “Hey, maybe it isn’t as bad as you’d expect?”

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Young the Giant’s “Home of the Strange” Review

Is third time the charm for this California-based rock group’s third, more political LP?

The album cover outune.net

In many ways that’s actually a dumb question to ask. Young the Giant in all rights have been a relatively successful band, with two charting singles off their self-titled Young the Giant album, and even had their song “Cough Syrup” get covered on Glee! If you had a song on Glee, you can say it was at least somewhat successful. It was a pretty good album as well, full of subdued vocals and interesting grooves that felt somewhat unique.

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Talking Is Hard Album Review

This sophomore studio album may have been seuccessful, but how does it stand as an album?

“Walk the Moon” is an interesting band. This Cincinnati based quartet have brought an amazing flare to modern music, mixing modern production with stylistic choices and songwriting from 80’s and 90’s rock. The band are not unknown to popularity as their songs Anna Sun and Tightrope having relative success on the U.S. Alt charts despite not charting on the Billboard Top 100. Their self titled album was  good, pushing out some very cheesy but wonderfully put together songs. With their sophomore album*, will “Walk the Moon” find similar quality and success?

*Technically their third album, but their first album I Want, I Want doesn’t necessarily count in the same way Kendrick Lamar’s Section 80 album doesn’t count. I Want, I Want is actually even more obscure than Section 80.

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