My name is Joshua MacLean. I’m bad at describing myself, so let’s do this thing list style.

  • I like music. A lot. I like it so much so I spend a majority of my time thinking about it. Does that mean I’m a musician? Well, sorta. I’m scatterbrained as well as being a perfectionist, so whenever I try to write music I love my ideas easily and they never turn out well. I can play (some) piano and any percussion instrument pretty well. Well, relatively well.
    • You can’t touch my mallet percussion though. Well, actually you probably can.
    • My favorite artists include anything Nate Ruess, anything Ben Gibbard, Kendrick Lamar, Chance the Rapper, Fleet Foxes, and Walk The Moon. I like pretty much everything.
  • I also really enjoy television, but as opposed to music my television tastes are more specific. I tend to enjoy more lighthearted shows that also have dramatic elements, like Doctor Who or my personal favorite iZombie. I would ideally want to work in some form of television.
  • I consider myself academically inclined despite being rather lazy. I’m typically a straight A student throughout my years. This is excluding the absolute horror that was A.P. United States History, but I got a four on the test so eh.