Mixtape Review: Young Thug “JEFFERY”

What the hell am I doing?

I mean really.

It’s Young Thug. How could the the rapper the constantly sounds like he has a mouth full of cotton produce anything worth reviewing? Well, recently he released a new mixtape and it is the only recent release that is comparable to Frank Ocean’s Blonde in popularity. So I thought “Hey, maybe it isn’t as bad as you’d expect?”

I had no idea what the fuck I was getting myself into.

I’ll get into the one positive aspect about the mixtape: the production. I can say most every beat in the album is really solid and enjoyable. The chill blowing-glass synth driven “Swizz Beatz” is a highlight on the album, full of cool musical ideas and being a really pleasant sounding song overall. “Webbie” is another awesome beat, having great dramatic spacing and the song ends up being worth a listen for the beat alone. The only beat that is poor is the incredibly busy “Future Swag”, which is driven by a sleazy synth line and sounds like Young Thug is trying too hard to emulate Future or De$iigner. And really, who wants to be those two?

Obviously the face of an intelligent man.

Now to the bad: the rapping and the lyrics. In a way the lyrics don’t matter at all because you cannot understand any of them. Young Thug has almost no flow and has a nonsensical voice that makes each word unintelligible. This also may be good because the lyrics are odd and honestly really shitty. For example, the hook to the mixtape’s penultimate song “Kanye West” consists of Young Thug saying “wamp wamp” a lot. This is a trend throughout the mixtape. It makes literally no sense and ends up ruining the multitude great beats.

I’ll also mention how goddamn weird this mixtape is. For one, the cover art does not fit the tone of the songs. It’s some sleekly designed samurai with a lot of frills and a faded white-and-blue color scheme. What it ends up being is just a weirdly striking photo of the androgynous Young Thug in a part-Italian part-Japanese Dress. The songs are also just odd in themselves. For one, there is a song titled “Wyclef Jean” on the album of course after the much better and more successful hip hop artist Wyclef Jean. Mr. Jean also has a guest appearance on the album, and guess which song it’s on? If you guessed “Wyclef Jean”, you’d be wrong! He actually appears on “Kanye West”. Wasted opportunity there. Also there is a song titled “Harambe.” Not only is it odd a rapper is using a dead gorilla as inspiration, but Young Thug actually sounds as if he’s on the verge of anger-filled tears throughout the song. Finally, let’s not forget the aforementioned hook to “Kanye West,” where you hear the term “Wamp Wamp” far too much.

I shall never forget the “wamp wamp.”

Finally, let’s talk the naming scheme of this mixtape. Turns out every song is named after one of Young Thug’s self proclaimed idols. From this we can assume that whoever Jeffery is he must be the biggest idol to Young Thug (Note: I feel dumb because after writing this as it turns out Jeffery is Young Thug’s real name, so do with that what you will), but we can also tell where he gets his musical inspiration. There’s logical choices like the aforementioned Wyclef Jean and Kanye West, ones that shouldn’t necessarily be there like Future, and then there is Harambe and Floyd Mayweather. This guy makes know fucking sense I’m telling you right now.

Harambe, one of Young Thug’s eclectic “idols.”

Overall this album is just wasted good production. Executive producers TM88 and Wheezy turned out really cool beats for a really bad rapper, and this mixtape just ends up being a mess. It’s weird how it’s also likely going to gain significant popularity, but in a world where “Panda” can be a number one hit, anything is possible. Who knows, maybe Young Thug’s upcoming full length album will even be decent. What’s it going to be called?

Oh, it’s going to be called Hy!£UN35?

It’s a good thing I don’t do videos yet or else I could not pronounce that

I give up. You win Young Thug. You’ve broken me.

(Edit note: To those on the Kanye forum calling me dumb for this post: Valid. I’m just giving my opinion on music I’m not necessarily a fan of or know the most about. I’d love to hear any feedback on why you disagree with me and why you’ll defend Young Thug!)

(I still don’t think he has any decent flow though.)



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